'Money and God in his pocket' series exhibited as one man show at Barnard Gallery October 2012

'Money and God in his pocket' Catalogue essay by Hazel Friedman

Robert Slingsby 'Fallout' Robert Slingsby 'Self portrait' Robert Slingsby 'The artefact' Robert Slingsby 'Threshold of obsolescence IX'
Robert Slingsby 'Rata-tat-tat' Robert Slingsby 'Holiday Inn' Robert Slingsby 'Mapungubwe baobabs'
‘Money and God in his pocket’ series

Robert Slingsby 'Lose lose'

While the previous art work needs no explanation, diminishing habitat is recognised as one of the greatest threats to species large    and small. Threatened through deforestation, the overburden  from mining making mountains out of mole-hills, undermining habitat by mining, it creates craters, through blast mining. And with God in his pocket, man does not only ‘walk’ on land, he can ‘walk’ on water, choking the oceans in a tangle of fishing line.

The following stainless steel sculptures which include  tangled fishing line and wood, blur the boundaries of the indiscriminate loss of habitat in the ocean and on land, with tangled metal and aged olive wood suggesting the rhino horn.

Robert Slingsby 'Nomo' This series also has portraits of those who can never speak for themselves

Robert Slingsby 'Tenuous thread'

& portraits of those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Robert Slingsby 'Threshold of obsolescence I' 


Robert Slingsby could be regarded as an Anthropocene activist. Anthropocene is a term which scientists are currently debating to label a new epoch where man’s environmental footprint has literally changed the geology of the planet, heralding a new age.

This current body of art explores the direct and indirect manifestations and consequences of the Anthropocene age. 

Slingsby's concerns go beyond the injustice of mankind in relation to the planet drawing attention to the obsolescence of traditional beliefs in the light of the contamination and obliteration of habitats.


This series comprises drawings on Arches 300 gramme paper using charcoal and Italian chalk pastels. 

Robert Slingsby 'I witness' Robert Slingsby 'Burning issue'

Robert Slingsby 'Over burden'

Robert Slingsby 'Palabora'

Robert Slingsby 'Backyard'  



BACK 'Lose lose' Exhibited at FNB JOBURG ART FAIR 7 - 9 SEPTEMBER                    

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